Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Glad I ride a Mountain Bike"

I've seen this come up in a couple of forms that I read and it is a response to all the doping problems at this year TdF. Even I've said it, glad I ride a mountain bike because all the pro racers are clean. Well I was reminded of Filip Meirhaeghe the Belgian mountain biker who tested positive for EPO back in 2004. So no one is clean. It makes you wonder if all of those great memories we have of epic battles on the road or on the trail are suspect. You also have to wonder how far down into the amateur ranks it has trickled? Was that guy who beat last week at the local club race taking something? The drive to win will make some people do anything. If I can't win on my natural abilities I don't want to win. I wonder how these guys can look at all the awards and trophies and not feel a tinge of guilt. It seems like a rough way to go through life.

All the parts are coming together now for my new frame. I was just told that my new Jabberwocy frame is on the way. It will be black with some sweet Chris King wheels laced up to some Stan's Arch rims. With some WTB tires of course.

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msysing said...

Hey Kevin,

My name is Mel Sysing and I just got on the team as well. I found your name on the team rider list as well as the other 2 and have been just saying hello to everyone. I was wondering what do we all get in terms of gear? I finally sold my last 26er. Do I need to get some forks and wheelsets? I think that I am good for the drivetrain parts. I took them off my 26er bikes. Let me know what you had to do to get set up. Would love to ride with the team in a team event next year, but I think that will some organizing because I live up in Canada.

Talk to you later.

Cheers from the North!