Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm Sold

Ok, this 29er thing is real. I'm finally able to get some time on this thing and ride it on some of my local trails. We were at trail near where I live called Fountainhead. If you've ridden it you know that it has some challenging hills. They're not long but they are really steep. We'll there is this one hill that I've never been able to make it up on my singlespeed. There was a root at the top that would steal all your momentum and I'd just stall out. Well today, on the 29er, I made it and with a pretty tall gear. That big tire just rolled right over that root. It was good.

I've also had some time to think about the up coming race down in Richmond, 18 Hours On The Farm. I've pretty much got my plan together. I'm basically going to destroy myself at this thing. If I can walk at the end I didn't ride hard enough. I got 9th last year and I want to improve on that. I've been feeling pretty strong the last few weeks after going through a slump and I think I'm ready.


Hmmm.... said...

HI.....where exactly is 18 hours on the Farm? I'm planning on being in Richmond this weekend and need to hit this race and "check you out". Lemme know!
Good luck - I'll be checking on you.
PS: I found a pic of you from Wilderness 101

Kevin said...


This is the address. Google should give you directions.

1723 Maidens Rd, Maidens, VA 23102 (Boy Scouts of America). There are signs too when you exit I-64.

Is this the picture?

Hmmm.... said...

That would be the picture! :) Thanks

Tom said...

Glad your diggin' the big wheels.