Sunday, September 30, 2007

1903 Adventure Ride

Took a break from racing this weekend to do the 1903 Adventure Ride. So what is a 1903 Adventure ride? Here's the best description from the guy leading the ride.

"In 1903 the first Tour de France was held. The roads were rough and unpaved. For this ride we'll seek out the same conditions. We'll head north through rolling hills and countryside before turning west and up the mountain where you can expect gravel, ruts, bumps and plenty of climbing. "

Lots of climbing is right. Some pretty brutal stuff. I was riding my singlespeed cross bike with a free wheel so I had it easy. Most guys were on fixxies. Here are a few pictures.

Getting ready in the parking lot.

Having some fun with Dave Kegley

Out on the road

No hands

First water stop

Getting tired at the end of the ride

Thanks to Joe from SSO and The Bicycle Escape for putting the ride on, it was a blast.

More pictures here



riderx said...

Glad you made it out on the ride. It's good to see you immersing yourself fully in the single speed life!

Next up: fixed gear ;)

Maybe we'll have to step up the difficulty for version 3...{insert evil laugh}

Kevin said...


Yeah 100 miles next time. Or maybe another big climb.