Thursday, November 1, 2007

DCCX Cross Race

DCCX was a cool cross race I did this past weeked. this was the first annual race held on the grounds of a veterans retirement home in downtown DC.

The adventure started early in the morning when I got lost heading to the race. I mapped out a route to get me around the heart of DC to avoid the Marine Corps. Marathon. I made a wrong turn and did a big loop around DC :). Anyway we made it.

It was a cool morning and it finally felt like cross weather. I get changed and do a few warm up laps. my legs are stiff from the Rowdy Dawg still, but eventually I work the kinks out. This is also the first traditional cross race on my fixed gear and I want to make sure I've got the dismounts nailed. the course is a long and challenging one. some good climbs which suit me and my one gear.

Finally time to start ad i set off on a quick pace and settle into the race. We get two laps down and I'm getting into some great battles with a few guys. I've only forgotten to keep pedaling once and nearly get launched off the bike.

Two more laps to go and guys are starting to fade on the challenging course. This is where I can pass a bunch of people as I sem to finish strong. One lap to go and IZm dying. My legs are on fire but I feel like I need to keep pushing myself.

Finally we start the last lap and I push my self to the end. I end up coming 32nd out of 68. Not too bad on a fix gear. the other thing that made this race fun was my Mom and Dad being there to watch me race. My Mom cheers so loud foe me :)

Next up is a 12 hour race called the Tree Shaker. 10 days to La Ruta. Holy shit! :)


Tom said...

Wow, I lost track, La Ruta is right around the corner!!! I am sure I will see yo before your departure but GOOD LUCK!

Kevin said...

thanks tom. yeah la ruta is coming up quick.

gwadzilla said...

have fun in Costa Rica!

hopefully not on a fixie!