Monday, October 8, 2007

Now This Is Cross Racing

This Saturday I did the AVC Breast Cancer Awareness Cyclocross Race in Hagerstown Maryland. It went pretty good overall. The singlespeed setup is still working great. I find that I can get a good jump on guys on the hills. While they are fumbling for their gears, I just stand up and pedal harder. I also got into a great sprint with a guy at the end. I had a guy right on my ass the entire last lap. I couldn't shake him loose no matter what I did. We turned the corner to the finish line and we were faced with 150 yards of smooth pavement. I knew he was going to try and take me so I started to speed up. All my attention was focused on that finish line. Out of the corner of my eye I see him start to come up around me. I speed up and put everything I have into the pedals and I'm able to maintain about a half a wheel length on him as we cross the finish line. That hurt, but fun.

Next up is Ironcross up in Pa. Endurance Cyclocross?

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Hmmm.... said...

Awesome Kevin. Great job! :)